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Cup Carrier Packaging Market: Market Dynamics : Cup carrier packaging market is a significant part of the beverage packaging market. Beverage packaging industry is estimated to be over US$ 100 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4% over the forecast period. With the expansion of beverage industry, the application of the cup carrier in foodservice activities is set to increase while influencing the cup carrier packaging market. The presence of large number of tea and coffee consumers is expected to fuel the demand for cup carrier packaging market over the forecast period.
The increasing number of working professionals especially in APEJ region has increased on the go consumption of beverages which may boost the cup carrier packaging market over the forecast period. New designs and innovations in packaging industry have insured further growth in the cup carrier packaging market by using eco-friendly material for manufacturing of cup carrier. Cup carrier manufactured from eco-friendly or recyclable material is a sustainable form of packaging which is 100% compostable. On the backdrop of an upsurge in beverage packaging industry and convenience offered, the cup carrier packaging market is expected to move witness expansion.
Cup Carrier Packaging Market- Key Players: Some major players in the cup carrier packaging market are Southern Champion Tray Co, Cellulopack, The Brenmar Company, The Paper Cup Company. Pty Ltd., 3M Company, P4CK Limited, Active Difference Ltd, Hangzhou Longquan Industrial Co., Ltd, The VaioPak Group, Colpac Ltd, E-Package Creation & Solution Manufacturing Corp., Shenzhen CyGedin Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd., Qingyuan Best Strong Import & Export Co., Ltd.

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