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The organization also published new installation guidelines for outdoor luminaires focused on grounding considerations. The document addresses the usage of the National Electrical Safety Code relative to installing and grounding luminaires.
NEMA said the evolution of LED technology and the move to smart lighting drove the development of the new guidelines. As we have regularly reported, outdoor luminaires increasingly include smart and connectivity features that enable autonomous and programmatic control, accurate power usage metering, and more. The smart SSL transition results in there being far more electronics integrated into the latest outdoor luminaires, and many are very low-voltage devices and sensitive to grounding and wiring issues. The new guidelines will enable more reliable operation of luminaires installed per the recommendations.
The final new outdoor-centric standard — C136.31-2018 — is focused on the ability of outdoor luminaires to withstand exposure to vibration in what is a decidedly harsh environment. The standard sets minimum levels that luminaires should reliably withstand and defines vibration test methods.
“This revision includes clarification and guidance on the requirements for test setup, value determination and measurement, operation, and evaluation,” said Luke Siefker, standard technical coordinator at Acuity Brands. “Furthermore, the vibration test levels were expanded to include common materials found in newer lighting technologies.”

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