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KEMP, Texas, Jan. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Larson Electronics, a Texas-based company with over 40 years of experience spearheading the industrial lighting sector, announced the release of a 250-watt high intensity infrared LED flood light for outdoor use. This unit comes in either 750 nm, 850 nm or 940 nm infrared band configurations and features a high frosted opaque lens to remove hotspots associated with high powered LEDs.
The features 48 high output Cree infrared LED lights arranged in rows and paired with PMMA high purity optics that produce a focused 24? spot beam ideal for far reaching, concentrated illumination. Other beam configurations include a 10? spot, 38? narrow flood, 60? flood, and a 90? wide flood beam, which are all tightly focused and designed for high elevation mounting for achieving distance.
Larson Electronics’ infrared LED light is waterproof, resists dust and moisture, and is IP67 rated to withstand harsh conditions, including rapid temperature changes of -40?C to 80?C. The housing on this unit are made of die cast aluminum and is equipped with a back-mount trunnion style mounting bracket allowing the light to be attached to flat surfaces and adjusted through 160? of vertical movement. Suitable applications include outdoor settings for security systems, camera surveillance, nighttime observation, and more.

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